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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Detroit House Fire

Detroit House Fire

Oil on Birch panel, 2012, 5"x 5"


A friend and I went out one evening with the intention of shooting some photographs and we came across this house fire in an abandoned house on the east side. It was well under control when we arrived, after following the smoke from a few miles away. This kind of thing is all to common around here and its been gone over ad-nauseam in the press and elsewhere about our cities problems, but when confronted with something like this. I defy any artist to turn and walk away, it is such an amazing, destructive visual spectacle that can only leave you spell bound.


Postcards from Detroit said...

Wow! what a powerful painting, would love to go out and shoot together sometime.

Andrew Krieger said...

Yeah, I would love too. Call me up the next time you're going out.