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Friday, March 9, 2012



Oil on Chinese food take-out container, 2012, 10.5"x 10.5"x 3"


This painting of a friend I made on a Chinese food take out container. I consider these as "ready made" forms to paint on. You can unfold them and then refold them into any shape you want. Here I just made a simple bowl shape which distorts the face in a crazy way. I've been concentrating on portraiture as of late, just to try and get a handle on it. There are endless possibilities for shapes when using these containers. I made a series using this format of still images from the original movie of King Kong. Every still in that movie is beautiful like a gorgeous painting with a violent but innocent ape as the subject. I also did a few skateboarder ones based on the photos of Glen E. Friedman of skateboarding legends Tony Alva and others in the 1970's skating empty pools in California. Here is a link,


Stephen Magsig said...


Andrew Krieger said...

Thanks Steve!

allanbard said...

Excellent works! Will be glad to follow your blog and post a suggestion of mine, hope you'll like it: Using sites like, cafepress. com, fiverr? They could be a good way to promote your works and to help "remove" stupidity in the streets like headlines on t-shirts, fridge-magnets, cups, etc: My Boyfriend kisses Better Than Yours, FBI - female body inspector, etc. Not everything we see and think of should be about sex, right? It would be much better if there were more nice pictures of mythical creatures, good thoughts, poems from fantasy genre, etc? I'm allanbard there, I use some of my illustrations, thoughts, poems from my books (like: One can fight money only with money, Even in the hottest fire there's a bit of water, or
Let's watch the moon, let's meet the sun!
Let's hear soon the way the Deed was done!
Let's listen to the music the shiny crystals played,
let's welcome crowds of creatures good and great...
etc). Best wishes! Keep up the good work! Let the wonderful noise of the sea always sounds in your ears! (a greeting of the water dragons' hunters - my Tale Of The Rock Pieces).

Andrew Krieger said...

Thanks Allan, I love your energy! Those are great thoughts, I wish you well in your endeavors and perhaps I'll see you out there doing just as you say.