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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Road Trip

Road Trip

Oil on Birch panel, 2010, 5"x 5"


Todays painting is one from a found photo. The photo is a black and white and looks to be from the 1950's. I enjoy doing these, I think it gives the photo and the person in it (whoever it may be) a new life of sorts. Both by reinterpreting it in color and just by the act of turning it into a painting. The photo and person which was once lost or discarded, is now given another chance to last into the future.


Susan Macdonald said...

I love your painting Andy. The hat sure reminds me of Hopper. He did a lot of painting out of his car on the road.

Andy Krieger said...

Thanks Susan. I thought that hat might evoke a little Hopper. The more Hopper to evoke the better in my book.