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Monday, May 17, 2010

no daily painting today, figuring out how to use Ebay intead

Dream Weaver, Flip-O-Tron
Dymtro version, prototype


Due to unforeseen activity, I don't have a daily painting today, but here is a mutoscope I made for the Nocturnal Translation show which opened Friday May 14th @ Public Pool in Hamtramck. I actually thought I was inventing a turnable flipbook but as it turns out this technology and idea have been around since the 1890's at least, thats about as far off the mark as one can get. Oh, well. This particular box is portraying a dream a friend had involving a local folk artist, Dymtro Syzlak, creator of Hamtramck Disneyland. Next time I'll have figured out the photo stills and operating mechanism a little better. The dream involves driving up the Lodge freeway at a highspeed while getting a phone call and trying to dechiper Dymtro's thick accent.

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