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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Old Country

The Old Country

Oil on birch panel, 2010, 4"x 5"


Todays painting is another 3-D construction. I like to employ my friend, one point perspective in cases like these. My thought is to try and make the image look as if it disappears into the distance but have it physically be the closest thing to the tip of your nose as you are looking at it. I've done a couple of these little expieriments and am doing larger versions of ones I like. So far there are really two different ways to approach this problem. You can lay the image over the construction, as I did here, and it will look compressed as you look straight at it, it will always look slightly wrong. Or you can paint it so that as you look straight at it, it looks fine or normal, but the moment you move it distorts. I've done it both ways and they are a lot of fun to make and look at. The image here is of a street in the old country as my mother used to call it, and I imagined it as a place where Grandpa might of first caught a glimpse of Grandma.