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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Side View

A Side View

Oil on birch panel, 2010, 5"x 7"


Todays painting is a view of the sunset in my side view mirror on my car as I was coming home the other day. I wanted to treat the image as a whole with a very graphic design sensibility, just basic shapes coming together to give an impression of roadway and shape of the mirror and door of the car. The image in the mirror I was trying to make seem as something very real. The mirror is just a reflection of reality, but here I am trying to make it more real, the most real, the mostest real thing in the painting. I consiously built up the paint thickness in the clouds so they would have more weight to them to contrast with the thinner treatment of the pavement and door. Anyway, I hope you like it, and have a good weekend!


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