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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yellow Trees

Yellow Trees

Oil on birch panel, 2010, 5"x 7"


Todays painting is of some trees (branches really) in the neighborhood. I was thinking about abstact paintings and natural forms and I thought I would try a cheap version of a "Jackson Pollock type" abstract expressionist painting but using real, natural forms. Now let me be clear, I'm not kidding myself thinking I can compare this 5 x 7 inch painting to one of the greatest painters of the 20th century. I'm just saying my first impression of staring up into some tree branches and cropping it just so, you could make an abstract painting, one reminiscent of Pollocks style. Anyway, I was playing around a little with color too, trying to make the sky and leaves vibrate a bit, using complimentary colors. Sometimes I feel like a DJ, because I felt I should show something today that was a little calmer and more reflective than the craziness of the past few days, you know, bring the crowd down a little with a mellow jam. I hope you like it.


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